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            2018@春晚·@SPRING FESTIVAL GALA 2018

            播出平台: 央视网、央视影音、央视综艺春晚

            播出时间: 2018年2月15日晚19:00

            播出时长 : 7小时

            主持人: 央视主持群






            “@Spring Festival Gala”, co-produced by CCTV.com and Visionary Media is a Fusion Media Live Broadcast Program. If focuses on the 2017 spring night gala, and expresses it in a young way. It is the main venue for the interaction between stars and fans. The live show is broadcasted on the spring festival eve at 19:00 27/1/2017 on CCTV.com, CCTV Media, CCTV Variety Spring Festival Gala APP and other digital media platform. Audiences can watch Spring Festival on TV, and watch “@Spring Festival Gala” on the Internet at the same time. Different kinds of bonus including Weibo comments and red pocket help you to have a great spring festival eve.